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The cost of transporting your car interstate

If you want to transport your car interstate, the cost is likely to be your biggest concern. What factors determine the price? Which service provider should you choose? And the biggest question: how much will it cost to transport your car interstate?

While the service that most companies offer is similar, there is some variation in location availability, timeline and cost. Knowing what options are available to you on the market will help you choose the right one for you – and get a good price for it.

To help you, we’ve created this rough guide to the cost of transporting your car interstate in Australia.

What affects the cost of interstate car transport?

Bear in mind that these factors affect the cost of transporting your car interstate. 

2. The type of vehicle you’re relocating

Larger, heavier vehicles such as vans, utes and 4WDs will incur a greater cost, as well as the size of wheels and any height modifications. This is simply because the more room your car takes up, the less other cars the transporting company can fit in.

2. The level of insurance or protection you choose

If you wish to give your car the highest level of protection – in an enclosed space, for example, where it’s protected from the elements – this will raise the cost. Some vehicle shipping companies will also charge more for protection of higher-value and larger cars, again due to space limitations.

3. How far the vehicle is being transported

This factor is simple: the further it’s going, the more it’ll cost. It’s not necessarily linear though – sometimes the cost per kilometre reduces for long distance journeys.

4. Whether you choose to drop it off or pick it up

Convenience costs more, so if you want to have the service provider pick your car up from your house, you’ll pay more than if you were dropping it off.

5. Fuel prices

Fuel prices fluctuate, and the price at the time of transportation will determine the fuel cost of your car’s journey.

6. Delivery speed

Just like with Australia Post, express shipping costs more than standard.

So, how much will transportation cost?

In general, it costs about 50 cents per kilometre to have a car transported interstate. 

We’ve crunched some numbers, and here are our estimates for popular routes based on the above factors. 

  • Brisbane to Melbourne: $600 – $1,200
  • Sydney to Perth: $700 – $1,300

Want to ensure your car’s in good shape before you transport it interstate? We’re here to help – there’s no booking required for servicing and a range of other repair and maintenance services at Express Lube.

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