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Why Vehicle Dash Cameras Are So Popular

Over the years, vehicle dash cameras have become very popular with drivers. These little cameras have been able to capture some of the craziest incidents while driving on the road, along with helping many drivers with vehicle insurance claims.

What is a vehicle dash camera?

A vehicle dash camera is a camera that is used to visually and audio record while the vehicle ignition is on, and at times even when the engine is off, and the vehicle is parked. It is placed on the front and or rear windscreen of a vehicle. It is usually situated near the top and centre of the windscreen.

What kind of dash cameras are there?

Vehicle dash cameras come in all shapes, sizes, video quality and functionality. Cameras come in video quality from 720p to 4k Ultra HD. Basic dash cameras will only record video and audio, whereas the top-range cameras will be able to record video, and audio, take photos, record your speed, record your geographical location, and have Wi-Fi connectivity. The type of camera that you will need will be determined by your specific needs and your set budget.

Are they expensive?

Dash cameras can be priced from as low as $50 per unit to as high as $1,000 a unit. It’s all dependent on the brand, quality, and functions of the camera. You can usually buy a reasonable camera with sufficient video quality and functions for around $300.

Why install a dash camera in your vehicle?   

The main reason drivers install dash cameras in their vehicles is for insurance purposes. As you can imagine, there are some interesting drivers and individuals on and off the roads. There have been countless instances caught on car dash cameras of fraudulent insurance scams and road rage.

Are dash cameras effective?

In short, yes. Dash cameras have been able to assist many drivers when it comes to insurance claims. There have been many fraudulent insurance scams caught on camera. An example would be individuals deliberately running into a vehicle and acting as if they had been hit by the vehicle, and then trying to scam the driver or insurance company out of money on false injury claims.



Vehicle dash cameras have proven to be an asset to drivers. They have proven to be an effective tool when it comes to accidents and insurance claims. Due to their effectiveness, many new cars are now coming with factory-installed dash cameras that have even more capabilities, such as being able to detect hazards or accidents before happening and being able to pre-warn the driver.

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