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Why skipping a regular car service is bad

Skipping a regular car service is bad, really bad! Cars are an important part of our lives and it is important to budget for regular repairs and servicing on your car. If not serviced properly or regularly, major defects can develop costing you loads more than usual. Servicing your car regularly also helps hold its value for longer.


Here at Express Lube we regularly see issues with cars that could have been avoided had the car been checked on a regular basis.  We recently fixed an oil leak for a customer’s car that dripped onto the starter motor causing expensive damage. If the car was serviced much earlier, the cost to the owner would have been a lot less. Brake pads are also car parts that require regular checking which if not maintained regularly, can cause structural damage to a car.

Another culprit we see of cars not being serviced regularly are fuel filters that wear out causing expensive and avoidable repairs. Last month a customer’s fuel filter was clogged up as the car hadn’t been serviced in a long time, which lead to the fuel pump failing. Replacing a fuel pump is not cheap and a simple inspection by us could have prevented this problem.

Skipping a regular car service is like skipping a check-up with your dentist about a tooth ache. If you ignore your tooth ache- fast forward to a couple of months down the track and you could end with a major infection costing you thousands to repair.

It is extremely important to not skip a regular car service and to have your car looked at by a professional! By having your car serviced regularly you not only avoid costly repairs but help to retain its value whilst ensuring your driving experience is a safe one for you and other road users!


Is your car due for a service?  Drop in and see us to ensure your car is as ready to go as you are! With five convenient locations at Erina, Tuggerah, West Gosford, Woy Woy, and Cessnock – servicing your vehicle has never been easier.

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