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Why Brake Maintenance is so Important

We’ve all seen the movie where someone’s brake line is cut, and the car drives off the cliff, or is that just day time television? In real life, bad brakes don’t work like that. When they start to fail, you should hear and feel the difference, and this is a warning that you have an issue, and it’s time to bring your car in for an inspection. If you ignore these signs and they fail, you won’t be able to control your vehicle, and likely it won’t be able to stop which could cause a severe accident. From a minor issue through to a loss of control, here at Express Lube we can’t stress enough the importance of a regular service where things like your brakes will be checked for issues.

The most important part of flying a plane is the pilot’s ability to land safely.

The most important part of driving a car safety is the ability to stop when you need to.

Failing to repair worn or grinding brakes could put you and others at risk on the roads. The good news is, brake repair isn’t a costly fix if you have your car maintained regularly.

There are a few things that can affect the wear and tear of your brakes. Your climate, the way you drive and kilometres you travel. Our biggest tip is to know the warning signs.

So, how can you tell when you need new brakes?

With brake issues, there are a few signs and sounds that can tip you off.

From a small scratching, metallic sound to a loud grinding noise, if your car starts to pull in one direction, you may even feel a vibration as you apply pressure to the brakes. The easiest sign to notice is the everyday response time to stopping in traffic. If you notice that your car seems to take a little longer than it used to, to come to a stop, this is your alert to pop into Express Lube and get it checked.

What’s involved with an Express Lube brake inspection?

Our trained technicians will inspect all aspects of your cars braking system for wear, tear, damage or leaks.

What are the benefits of having regular brake repair or brake maintenance?

As you’ve just read, brake maintenance is a safety issue. If your brakes aren’t functioning properly an everyday driving situation could lead to a dangerous one. We can change your brake pads on inspection to save excess wear on your rotors, which could save you money down the road – pun intended.

At Express Lube we offer affordable brake repair or replacement for all vehicles so you can feel confident that your car will perform the way it’s supposed to on the road.

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