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Which of these five will be the cheapest electric car in Australia?

Which of these five will be the cheapest electric car in Australia?

There’s no denying there’s enthusiasm for electric cars in Australia. Most people who can afford them have already. But with prices still sky-high and hefty import costs on top, most people can’t afford them yet. Today, only around 1.5% of cars on our roads are electric vehicles. Thankfully, some manufacturers have been developing new models to bolster the affordable electric vehicle market in Australia, and they’re expected to arrive in 2023. So what are they, and which of the five expected arrivals will earn the title of Australia’s cheapest electric car?

New electric cars – Australia 2023

These five new electric cars arriving in the next 18 months are expected to go to market with a price tag in the region of $45,000. Four will come from China, and one from Europe. Until the new entrants arrive, Australia’s cheapest electric vehicle is the MG ZS EV, a small SUB priced at $44,990 drive-away. The first ‘cab’ off the rank will be from Chinese EV manufacturer, BYD.

The BYD Atto 3

Already in high demand with 4,000 orders reportedly placed already, the BYD Atto 3 is the first mass-produced electric car to be sold in Australia. It’s a small SUV that will sell at between $44,990 to $47,932 drive-away. The first customer deliveries will begin next month through local distributor EVDirect, so keep an eye out for them on the road!

The Fiat 500e

Likely to land at the higher end of ‘affordable’, the Fiat 500e is the ideal EV for city drivers at a handy 3.6 metres long – making it the smallest of the five – and with a range of convenient features. Based on pricing in the UK, it’s expected to sell at around $48,000 drive-away.

The Ora Good Cat

The first right-hand drive model from China’s Great Wall Motors, the Ora Good Cat electric car comes with a 48kWh battery pack and 126kW/250Nm electric motor. Boasting a 311km driving range and 8.3 second 0-100km/h time, it’s expected to retail closer to $50,000 than $40,000.

The BYD Dolphin, aka Atto 2

Due to arrive between March and mid-year, the BYD Atto 2 is a promising contender for the title of Australia’s cheapest electric car. The flagship version, which comes with a 30.7kWh battery for a 300km driving range, could retail for as low as $35,000 drive-away. Its top-of-the-range model, fitted with a 44.9kWh battery, electric motor between 70kW-130kW, and claimed driving range of 400kms, is forecast to retail at around $40,000 drive-away.

The MG 4

With a powerful 64kWh battery pack and 150kW electric motor delivering up to 452km driving range, the flagship MG 4 is expected to cost around $49,000. An entry-level model with a 51kWh battery pack and 125kW electric motor, which is available in the UK, might be closer to the lowest price for an electric car in Australia when it arrives next year. Until all arrive and go to retail in Australia, we won’t be able to confirm which of these five will be the cheapest electric car in Australia. For now, we’re placing our bets! Find out what’s happening to build Australia’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure: Electric car chargers on the cards for regional NSW businesses via new $20 million scheme

The MG4

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