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When’s the last time you checked your tyre pressure?

When’s the last time you checked your tyre pressure? Now we’re not just talking a visual inspection or a kick test. We mean pulling into the local service station and using their machine to test the air-pressure of your tyres.

If your one of the people that haven’t checked your tyre pressure in the last month you could be driving with under inflated tyres, which increases the rolling resistance of your car, causing your tyres to wear out faster.

By regularly checking your tyre pressure you could help extend the life of your tyres whilst also increasing comfort and the fuel efficiency of your car.

You should check your tyre pressure about every 2 weeks. Most service stations here on the Central Coast have an air pump with a digital gauge. They are pretty easy to use, and the best time to check your tyre pressure is when they are cold, so try and find a service station close to home.

First, you’ll need to know how much air you need in your tyres, this is known as the PSI which is the standard rating for the air pressure within your tyre. This number is usually located on the door jamb on the driver’s door or you should be able to find the information in your car’s owner’s manual. When you get new tyres fitted to your car at Express Lube you can ask the staff at our stores what the rating is for your new tyres.

Second, you will need to enter the recommended air pressure for your car, unscrew the valve stem cap and connect the air hose to your tyre. Most of the machines you will need to press the button to start the process and it should beep once the tyres are full. Remember to replace the cap once done to prevent any excess air loss escaping or any dirt particles and moisture getting into your tyre. It’s also important to regularly check the pressure of your spare as it won’t be much use to you if you have a flat and it’s deflated too.

If you think your tyres are losing pressure on a regular basis or while filling your tyres you notice damage from a pothole or bump on the gutter bring your car into us here at Express Lube. We can take a look and put your mind at ease with a safety inspection at any of our stores located right around the Central Coast. Visit us at West Gosford, Tuggerah, Woy Woy, Erina, Cessnock or our newest location at Long Jetty.

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