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What to have in your car emergency kit

What to have in your car emergency kit

Every time we get in our car, we’re intending to get from point A to point B. Usually, that’s exactly what happens. But sometimes, whether it’s due to a mechanical issue, extreme weather, or something else, we get stuck on the way with only the contents of our car to help us. With floods and bushfires happening more frequently and road trips to remote locations on the agenda for summer, it’s more important than ever to be prepared for an emergency while on the road. So, be ready for whatever the world throws at you and your car. Use this guide to create the perfect car emergency kit.

What to put in your car emergency kit

Safety supplies

These supplies are fundamental to any emergency kit: they help you treat minor wounds, call for help, and assess issues you might have with your car.

  • First aid kit. It’s always good practice to have a first aid kit in the car in case you return to it with a scrape or cut. St John’s Ambulance has a range of them, including a motoring first aid kit for $41.95.
  • Car manual. You should always have your car’s manual on-hand in case you need to find a setting or diagnose a potential issue.
  • Phone charger and power bank.
  • Torch (and spare batteries). If you get stuck at night, you’ll need a torch to find things in the car or make your way around the area.
  • Hi-Vis vest. The side of a highway is a dangerous place to be, especially without high visibility. Putting on a hi-vis vest will ensure you’re easy to see.

Long wait or overnight supplies

While most of us can call for roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown and receive help within a couple of hours, in some cases – for example, in remote areas – we might need to wait longer. Packing these supplies in your car emergency kit will ensure you’re ready to do that.

  • Water.
  • Food. If you get stranded away from home because of extreme weather or other circumstances, you’ll thank yourself for having some food on-hand. Make sure you choose non-perishable and wrapped items to avoid attracting pests. 
  • Blanket.
  • A change of clothes. Whether the emergency is to do with your car or not, this can be really handy. 

Basic tool kit and emergency repair supplies

If you’re handy with the tools or can change a tyre yourself, having these tools could have you back on the road faster than NRMA – and allow you to help other drivers if they’re broken down with a flat battery.

  • jumper leads - car emergency kit suppliesSpare tyre, tyre jack, tyre pressure gauge. A must in any car. Flats can happen at any time. While you can always call NRMA for roadside assistance, it may be several hours before they can get to your location. Having your own spare and tools to change the tyre with could save you a long wait in the sun, and get you back on the road to your destination sooner.
  • Basic Tool kit – filled with everything from screwdrivers, rope, tape, scissors and WD40. Always good to have.
  • Jumper Leads – good to have if you or someone else that’s broken down has a flat battery so you can jump-start the car and be on your way.

With these items in your emergency car kit, you can enjoy some peace of mind knowing you’ll be safe and prepared – even if things go wrong.

And if things do go wrong, we’re ready to help. Drop in for a service or repair at your local Express Lube!

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