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What Is Jaywalking?

With an increase in pedestrians getting themselves injured whilst on their phones (phone walking)  – Central Coast Police are increasing their jay walking blitzes across the region. So what is jay walking?

So, we thought we would taken this opportunity to help you understand jay walking (and to hopefully save you a $75 fine to!)

Here are some jaywalking basics to help you on your next walk across the road!


Crossing the road if you are at pedestrian lights

If you are standing at pedestrian traffic lights and the Little man is flashing green, you can cross the road. However, if the little man is flashing red – you cant cross and are guilty of jay walking if you cross (watch out for the $75 fine!).

If you are already on the road and the little man changes to red then you must hurry  and cross as soon as possible, makes sense right?



Crossing a road at traffic lights

If you are at traffic lights (with no pedestrian lights) you can still cross however only if the lights are green or flashing yellow or there is no red light showing.

Crossing the road on or near a crossing

– It is an offence to cross a road within 20 metres of a crossing (eg 20 metres of where there are traffic or pedestrian lights) unless you are:

(a) crossing, or helping another pedestrian to cross, an area of the road between tram tracks and the far left side of the road to get on, or after getting off, a tram or public bus, or

(b) crossing to or from a safety zone, or

(c) crossing at an intersection with traffic lights and a pedestrians may cross diagonally sign, or

(d) crossing in a shared zone, or

(e) crossing a road, or a part of a road, from which vehicles are excluded, either permanently or temporarily.

Jay walking is a $75 fine and if you decide to fight it in court and lose, the fine can be over $2000.


Here at Express Lube we want to keep you safe on and around busy roads and footpaths!  By following these simple pointers, not only will you save yourself a $75 jay walking fine but the roads will be safer place for everyone!

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