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In the last decade, Australia has seen a 24% increase in registered cars on the road. More cars being driven means; an increase in the number of maintenance and vehicle repair. While mechanics and technicians are needed to complete this work, the number of qualified mechanics and staff in training have dropped. Couple that with the number of baby-boomers that are now reaching retirement age and you can see why it’s important for young Aussies to take a look at trades.

throughout high school kids are encouraged to move into further education, like a degree or university. According to the Department of Employment, there is a national shortage across trade jobs like electricians, landscapers, builders and mechanics. is the largest job site in Australia, they recently posted data revealing that the trades and services sector had a 23.3% increase in employment opportunity.

The top ten industries that saw an increase during January – November 2017 compared to the same period from the previous year are

0.4% Plumbers

0.6% Maintenance and Handyperson services

0.7% Building Trades

0.7% Security Services

2.3% Technicians

2.7% Electricians

2.7% Labourers

3.3% Welders and Boilermakers

3.3% Fitters, Turners and Machinists

4.8% Automotive Trades


With most households owning at least one car you can see why automotive trades are at the top of the list. Cars will always be needed to get us from A to B and they will always need maintenance and repair. So, if you have the drive to become part of the automotive industry, take a look at our website. We have 6 different service locations and are always looking to expand our team of amazing and talented mechanics and technicians.


If you’d like to join Australia’s leading service trade sector, contact us at Express Lube.

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