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Vehicle Window Tinting

Vehicle Window Tinting

A typical popular modification for vehicles these days is to have their windows tinted. You can turn an ordinary everyday looking vehicle into a head turner with the correct window tinting applied. There are many reasons to have your vehicle windows tinted, especially in the hot Australian climate.


By far the biggest advantage of having your vehicle windows tinted is the reduction of light and heat that passes into your car. Window tinting has been proven to reduce the amount of light that enters a vehicle and therefore reduces the amount of heat that comes and is trapped into the vehicle. If you have a darker colored car, window tinting could be an advantage to help keep you cool.

Another great advantage of vehicle window tinting is the protection and reduction of harmful UV rays that come from the sun. Window tinting will protect the car along with passengers within the vehicle. For car enthusiasts the most sought-after advantage of car window tinting is the improved aesthetic appearance of the vehicle.


There are a few things you should know before you rush out and get your vehicle windows tinted. In NSW the maximum legal level of tint that can be applied to your front vehicle windows is 35% VLT. 

VLT Explained

What is VLT? VLT stands for Visual Lite Transmission. This simply means the amount of light that is allowed to pass though the film tint that is applied to your vehicle windows. The higher the VLT, the more light that can pass though the film, and the lower the VLT, the less amount of light can pass thought the film. Less light means less visibility from the outside and less heating coming into the vehicle.

It may be very tempting to go as dark as you can on your vehicle windows but know this, anything darker than 35% on most vehicles is illegal in NSW. Only certain vehicles in New South Wales are permitted to have 5% VLT on their windows. Vehicles such as certain work and transportation vehicles. This is to help with privacy and the protection of goods while in transit.



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