Terms and exclusions differ between insurers, but it is always best to notify your insurer and gain their approval before making any modifications to your car. Modifications can effectively make the car a different one to the one initially covered by your insurance policy, so any claims submitted after the date of modification would be rejected.

Alterations to the engine, wheels, and standard body that impact your car’s performance, safety levels or value may all factor into your insurer’s decision about whether to cover you or not. So, keep them in the loop and get a green light on modifications to ensure your insurance policy remains valid.


Remember, putting an insurance policy in place is only half of the job – the rest is getting your money’s worth. Make sure your insurance claims will be successful and your warranty remains valid by following the manufacturer’s warranty guidelines and playing by your insurer’s rules. Sticking to your servicing schedule is a great place to start – and we’re ready to help. Drop in to your local Express Lube for a service – no bookings required!