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Top five reasons to become a mechanic

Top five reasons to become a mechanic

There are a million and one things you could do for work in this day and age, and that’s probably the reason many people struggle to choose what’s right for them. Some would say follow the money – pick a high-paying job and aim for that. Some would say pick something you’re good at or that you love. You yourself might be more focused on a good work-life balance. Whatever your conditions for a career are, you’ll want to hear about the benefits of each career from the people who chose it before you.

So, if you’re considering becoming a mechanic, some insider information and a word from mechanics in the industry could help! Here are the top five reasons to become a mechanic from the Express Lube team.

Reason 1: Job stability

Wherever cars are being driven, mechanics are needed to service and repair them. Even though a motor mechanic’s job has evolved from purely mechanical work to balancing a finely tuned vehicle computer system, their practical skills, knowledge and experience are an essential and valuable asset. Car owners will always need a trained and qualified expert to diagnose and repair issues and keep it safe to drive. 

In that way, mechanics benefit from a high level of job security. A good mechanic will always be able to find employment!

Reason 2: Varied and active work

As a mechanic, every day on the job is different. One day, you might be working on a 30-year-old car, and the next, a brand new electric vehicle. There are thousands of different tasks needed for different vehicles, and as soon as you’ve finished one job, another one drives into the workshop! All this variety means there’s rarely a dull day for a mechanic.

Add to that all the activity your fitbit will clock – you’ll be nailing your exercise goals by midday!

Reason 3: It’s rewarding

If you love cars, have a drive to understand how things work, and love to take things apart to get to the bottom of the problem, being a mechanic is extremely rewarding. People come in with a problem causing them grief, and you can use your knowledge and skills to fix it. 

We’ll take that over sitting behind a desk any day!

“It’s so rewarding when I diagnose a complex fault or issue and get the car back on the road for a customer.”

Reason 4: Useful skills

When you’re a mechanic, you have a set of extremely useful skills that can benefit you, your family and friends, and even strangers. Not only can you save thousands every year on servicing and repairs, you can also help other people save on small fixes. That includes unfortunate drivers stuck on the side of the highway in a remote area… lucky them!

“I get to buy lots of cool tools – and my wife can’t say no because I need them for work!”

Reason 5: CARS! (Working with what you’re passionate about)

The saying goes: ‘do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life’. We reckon that’s what leads lots of people into becoming a mechanic: a passion for cars. Most days you’ll go home sore, tired and covered in grease, but if you have a love of cars, trust us, it’s all worth it.

“I like being a mechanic because I get to fix all makes and models of cars – and even drive some exotic cars.”

So, sustainable demand, never a dull day, and a set of extremely useful skills – what’s not to love about being a mechanic? 

If you’re a mechanic or thinking about becoming one, and you’re looking for work in NSW, we want to hear from you! We currently have mechanic, apprentice mechanic, and business manager roles available across our auto service centres throughout the Central Coast. Working with us offers loads of benefits: you can work locally if you live on the Central Coast, you’ll be working with a team of friendly and fun folks, and we work hard to foster a great work environment.

Head to our website to submit your application today!

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