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The Top 6 reasons to become a Mechanic

For some of us, we’ve had a genuine love of cars from an early age. You may have worked on them with your Dad or other family members. It’s usually a cherished memory, of valuable time spent under the hood, talking, laughing and learning. For others, you might just have a love of pulling things apart to see how they work, having a deep curiosity of how engines run. Something is satisfying about fixing things with your own two hands. Generations before us know exactly what this feels like. The power to be able to diagnosis what’s wrong, worn or broken, and the ability to fix it brings you back to the basics in life. A mechanic is a profession where you are always learning; cars are forever changing, and so is technology. Your days will always be different, and just when you’ve finished one job, another one drives on in through the garage doors.

What does a mechanic do?

Mechanics inspect, repair and maintain vehicles. You may change a lot of oil, but in a workshop, you could be working on a car built 30 years ago one minute and then a car that’s been manufactured in the last few months the next. Every car could have different issues and will need your keen eye to spot what’s wrong. Becoming a mechanic requires technical ability; you’ll work with computers for diagnostics and testing. Attention to detail is vital as there are checklists in place to ensure you’ve examined everything to get the car you’re working on safely back on the road.

Do you want to know what are the top 6 reasons to become a mechanic? We asked the staff at our Express Lube locations why they pursued a career as a mechanic…

1.    Job Stability

Almost everyone owns a car. In some households, there are multiple vehicles parked in the driveway. A mechanic will always be in demand as cars will always need a service or repair.

Freedom to Move

Who wants a desk job where you are stuck sitting and typing all day? A mechanic has the freedom to move around the work bay. You’ll be in, around and under cars and your fit bit will love it.

Help Others

We’ve all been stuck in a traffic jam, where some poor persons car has broken down, causing a bank up. Imagine if you could be the hero that saves the day and helps them out by fixing the problem.

Job Respect

The job landscape is shifting, with more people wanting a qualified trade under their belt, Mechanics are now one of the leading service trades to have in Australia.

Love of Cars and Fixing things

You get to be around cars all day! Most days you’ll go home sore, tired and covered in grease, but if you have a love of cars, trust us, it’s all worth it. Plus, think of all the cool cars you’ll see.

Save Lives

Ok, so this one is pushing it. But like Doctors, Mechanics will always be needed to diagnose issues with your car, and we could save you from potential accidents on the road.

Can you think of another reason to become an auto mechanic?

To all the mechanics out there, we want to thank you for keeping Australia running, or at least our cars rolling. To all the kids considering a career working with cars, be kind to your teachers, study hard, and hit us up once you’ve reached the right age. We love helping local youth move in the right job direction, and we think a service trade like becoming a mechanic, is one of the best jobs you can have.

At Express Lube we’re always on the look-out for people that are passionate about cars. If you’re interested in becoming a mechanic or you’re a qualified mechanic and want to come and work with us, contact or visit our staff at one of our locations at West Gosford, Tuggerah, Erina, Woy Woy, Long Jetty or Cessnock.

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