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Tips to keep your car cool during the summer

Summer can be a tough time for your car with hot temperatures that can spark problems inside and outside of your vehicle. The Australian summer is long and it’s important to be alert so that your car can function properly.

Sun shades
Sun shades are the ultimate way of reducing internal heat and the best part is they can be purchased for as little as $10.  Not only do sun shades keep the inside temperature of your car down but they help reduce UV rays dramatically which means plastic and upholstery doesn’t crack.


Ensure tyres are at correct pressure
Road surfaces get super-hot during the Aussie summer but don’t worry your tyres wont melt.  However, it is really important to ensure your car tyres are at their correct pressure to avoid blow outs and wear and tear from under inflated tyres. Check tyre pressure in the morning when its cool and before a long drive (it’s a good idea to do this every two weeks).

Check your fluids and car battery
Car fluids are what take heat away from important engine parts meaning your car engine can continue to work effectively during hot weather. Check motor engine oil and engine coolant and fill if required. Car batteries also contain fluid so check the area around it ensuring its clean and not showing signs of excessive fluid.
It’s a good idea to pop in and see us so we can check your car’s fluids as some tasks are best left to a trained mechanic who is familiar with your vehicle.


Window tinting
Car window tinting is great as it lowers the heat inside your vehicle, helps to extend the life of its interior and can deter thieves to. Car window tinting also looks great.

Be proactive about protecting your car from the heat this summer and if you notice something out of the ordinary pop in and let us take a look for you.

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