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Tips to Keep Your Car Clean to Help Reduce the Spread of Coronavirus

Tips to Keep Your Car Clean to Help Reduce the Spread of Coronavirus

A simple, but essential, trip to the supermarket has become much more thoughtful. It is obvious that we are all taking social distancing and hygiene seriously. It is also true that the bacteria and germs we bring from the shops and our workplaces can linger on the surfaces of our cars.

At Express Lube, another public health practice we encourage is maintaining a clean and disinfected vehicle. From the handles, steering wheel, touch screens and seat belts, it all counts!

Our staff have all been trained, and are actively practising, hygiene measures outlined by the World Health Organisation with every vehicle service and repair carried out.

Let’s keep your car clean and maintained together, stay tuned for some tips and advice!

Keeping your car cleaner and safer during COVID-19 should not be onerous. The same basic hygiene rules apply to your car as they do at home. But other than the usual wash, vacuum and quick interior wipe down, what else can we be doing?

It all starts with thinking about the germs you could be bringing into your car. Keeping disposable gloves for fuel stops, antibacterial spray for shopping bags and hand wipes are advisable additions to your vehicle cleaning routine.

While most folks are busy working from home, Express Lube has been operating under coronavirus restrictions and are well practised in keeping your car sanitized. Some focus points we are cleaning after every contact are:

  • Car door handles
  • Car keys and/or start buttons
  • Steering Wheel
  • Gear Stick
  • Dash, including the radio volume control
  • Cup holders
  • Car touchscreen
  • Mobile phone holder or charger

Don’t keep the cleaner, disinfectant or sanitiser in the car as they may heat up if you leave them sitting in the sun all day. Each time you need to take a trip, take some disinfecting wipes with you to wipe down all the surfaces you come in contact with to help to stop the spread.

Each time you are in your car, give all the touchpoints a wipe down. The antiviral properties and disposability of disinfectant wipes mean they are fantastic for killing germs.

Alongside handwashing, keeping our vehicle’s vacuumed and surfaces wiped, motoring is a safer experience for all.

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