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The Silent Hero of Your Vehicle

The silent hero of your vehicle is the battery. The only time this item gets any attention is when it’s not working. The battery is relied upon to power and run the electrical components of your vehicle. It is important to ensure your vehicle’s battery is in good health and working order.

What does your vehicle battery do?

Your battery is the hero of your vehicle. Without this, you would just have a very heavy and expensive paperweight. The battery is responsible for starting your engine, supplying power to your headlights, radio, wiper blades, spark plugs, air conditioner, airbag deployment system, power steering, and other electricals. Without a healthy and reliable battery, your vehicle will struggle to function at its peak and may end up leaving you stranded in the middle of the outback.

Types of vehicle batteries.

In today’s market, there is a wide range of batteries for your vehicle. Knowing the correct one to buy for your vehicle and your needs can get confusing. Here are a some of the common batteries you might be utilising.

Lead Acid Battery

Batteries like this are the most common around the world and are known for their competitive price range. They provide aqueduct power for your vehicle’s needs. Lead-Acid Batteries are popular with many drivers as they are reliable and low maintenance. As these batteries are sealed, they cannot be serviced. Once they are no longer working, the only option is to replace them.

Lithium-iron Battery

These types of batteries have become a lot more popular in the last ten years due to the advancement in vehicle technology. These types of batteries boast superior capacity and are known for their performance. Many Hybrid and Electric vehicles can be found with a Lithium-iron Battery due to their being lightweight and their capabilities.

AGM Batteries

AGM stands for Absorbed Glass Mat. Simply, the battery uses a fibreglass mat inside that absorbs and holds an electrolyte solution. A key feature of this battery is that they are maintenance-free. AGM batteries offer a higher level of power and performance to a vehicle. You can find these batteries in luxury vehicles and vehicles that are equipped with advanced electrical systems.

How do I know if my vehicle battery is healthy?

Do you struggle to turn your car engine on? Or does it take several goes to turn it over? Do your car lights dim and seem to lose power while driving or stationary? Do you have to jump-start your car on regular basis? Do you have to charge your battery more than once a month? All these could be early signs that your vehicle battery is unhealthy and requires replacing. Call your local Express Lube outlet, where our team of friendly and skilled mechanics will be able to assist you with all your battery needs.

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