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Stay Social While You’re Stuck at Home

Over a month ago, most of us hadn’t heard of the phrase “social distancing”. Now, we are all staying home where possible and doing our part to slow the spread of COVID-19. While it’s important to distance ourselves from people that don’t live within our household, being apart from extended family, workmates and friends can make us feel lonely, anxious and depressed. We feel it’s so important to stay connected with loved ones and friends.

Here are just a few ways you can reach out.

Have you tried Zoom or House Party? It’s not just a way for kids to learn or to have video conferences. It’s a great way to connect with a bunch of friends or family and see what’s happening with them.

While we’ve all probably seen every movie on rotation right now, it can be different watching with a friend. With apps like Netflix Party, Kast or by just using your phones video option you and sit on the couch (virtually) with your friend and have a laugh watching movies at home.

Connect with the amazing apps available whether its Words with Friends or Fight List. Using an online game with friends will help keep you connected, even if from afar.

Do you know someone that may not have the internet? Whether it’s an elderly neighbour or a loved one, set up a time and give them a phone call. It will give them something to look forward to and you’ll end the day feeling good that you have done something great for someone else.

Start a group conversation either through a message, messenger or email. A great way to stir up some interesting conversation is to ask questions. Start with topics like;

What was your favourite thing to do as a kid?

What word/sentence do you text the most?

What are the last 5 things you googled?

What’s something not many people know about you?

What are you most passionate about?

Unfortunately, physical distancing is necessary. But with our tips on how to stay social while social distancing yourself from your friends and loved ones, you can stay positive and connected during these difficult times. The team at Express Lube thank you for doing your part to #flattenthecurve.

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