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Going on a road trip? Here’s how to prepare your car for a long drive

With most states keeping borders closed or heavily restricting crossing, many of us are taking road trips within our own state. It’s important to that you know how to prepare your car for a long drive, especially if you’ll be going to remote places where you’ll have limited access to phone reception, GPS signal and service stations on your road trip.

If you’re getting out of town for an adventure, here are our tips for preparing your car for a road trip.

1. Preparing your tyres for a road trip

Tyres are one of the most important factors in your safety on a road trip. The three most important things to do to prepare your tyres for a long drive are:

a) Check your current tyres, or ideally, have them checked at your local mechanic. 

Consider what type of driver you are and how long it’s been since you replaced the tyres. Most tyres are designed to last about 40,000kms. If they’re older than three years – and if you take frequent long trips, or tend towards the speedy side – we recommend you get new tyres before a big road trip. 

b) Get a proper spare tyre.

Most modern cars come with a temporary spare tyre to save space and weight for the more exciting things an owner will pack, and these tyres are thinner and lighter than regular ones. Temporary spares are only intended to get you to the next service centre, and they will blow if you try to drive an extended distance. So, we recommend buying a proper spare tyre yourself ahead of your trip.

c) Get your wheel alignment checked, especially if you notice it bearing to one side.

2. Checking or changing your cabin filter

Cabin filters are part of your car’s air conditioning system, designed to filter out dust and bacteria. They are typically replaced during servicings every two years. If you’ll be driving in particularly dusty areas, you should consider changing it so the filter is fresh for your extended adventure.

3. Packing the car with an even load for a long drive

The way that the weight is distributed in your car affects fuel efficiency. To maximise fuel efficiency and save money and time on re-fuels, don’t just pack everything into the boot: spread the weight as evenly as possible. 

If you want to leave the road trip car prep to the professionals, stop by for a service. We can help you understand how to prepare your car for a long drive. Find your local Express Lube service centre on our website today.

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