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Organise your garage in a weekend.

It’s usually the last place of a home that gets a decent clean. It’s the place where we store our tools, beach or camping gear and the things that we may not necessarily use or need anymore, but don’t want to throw out. Let’s get real…You never know when you might need to pull out your 20-year-old treadmill!

The garage is an important household space. It provides valuable storage real estate and with a little effort and the right organisation it can become a useful part of your home. With these quick and easy steps, you’ll have space for your car, your workshop and your own little DIY paradise.

Start with a stocktake.

It might take a weekend or two, but the end result will be worth it. Pull everything out and take stock of what you have and what you may not want to store anymore. Get rid of the old or broken items taking up valuable space, be ruthless. Give the space a sweep, vac or hose out to make sure you’re starting with a clean slate.

Storage solutions.

Plan out your garage. Taking a look at what you have, what you want and utilise every possible space. Hang racking from the ceiling, mount bikes to the wall, install shelves and a workspace. Grab some hooks, baskets and cabinets. Whatever works best for your space. We are regulars at Bunnings so head there and walk the aisles of the organisation section. They have some great garage storage solutions and of course the best sausage sandwiches. 

Create Zones

By putting things together into their own spaces, you will always know where to look for those items again. We recommend;


Sport and recreational equipment – these are the balls, bats, beach, gym and camping gear. Basically, anything you use for an outdoor activity, you know, what you used to do before working long hours and having kids!


Tool centre – this will be near your workbench and you’ll create your fix-it-zone with power tools, hammers, nails and equipment.


Car supplies – windshield wiper fluid, car wash brushes, buckets, tyre shine and car cleaning cloths. This is also a great place to hook up a car vacuum for those quick touch-ups to keep your vehicle looking spotless.


There’s nothing like driving home into a well-organised garage. Once everything is stored make sure you pack things away each time they’re used in their new homes. Then you should only need a quick clean every few months.

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