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NSW COVID Restrictions Sydney & Regional NSW: What you can and can’t do in November 2021

We’re on the home stretch, New South Wales! On Monday, 18 October, NSW hit its 80% double-dose vaccination target for adults aged 16 and over. Since then, Covid-19 restrictions have been eased to allow us new freedoms in time for summer. So what can and can’t you do in NSW right now? Here is a handy up-to-date guide to NSW Covid restrictions in Sydney and regional NSW this month.

NSW Covid restrictions Sydney: Everyday life


If you’re 12 years old or over, you must wear a face mask in the following situations unless you have an exemption.

  • In indoor areas (for example, in shopping centres, waiting rooms)
  • In common areas of your apartment building (e.g. laundry room, gym)
  • In the waiting areas for buses or platforms for trains, and on any public transport service
  • While working at a hospitality venue or in any public/customer-facing role


Most places of business are now required to have visitors and customers complete a Covid-19 safe check in before they enter. This means your visit will be registered and your details used for contact tracing purposes in the event that the venue becomes an exposure site. 

Have your Service.NSW app downloaded and ready for checking in to make entering quick and easy. You should also carry vaccination evidence in case you’re asked to produce it by a police officer or other authorised person.

Vaccination evidence

Accepted forms of vaccination evidence include:

  • Online immunisation history statement from the Australian Immunisation Register
  • Covid-19 digital certificate, via from the Service.NSW app
  • A medical exemption.

NSW Covid restrictions: Having guests and visiting others

f you and all other members of your household who are over 16 are fully vaccinated, you can have up to 20 guests over to yours – as long as they’re all fully vaccinated, too. There are a limited set of circumstances that would allow you to have an unvaccinated adult over.

It’s important to note that even if you’re fully vaccinated, you can’t visit residences where unvaccinated people live or are visiting.

NSW Covid restrictions: Travel

You don’t need to register your travel within NSW anymore, but some travel restrictions still apply. 

Driving and car pooling

Firstly, people who aren’t fully vaccinated can’t share a vehicle or ride share with people they don’t live with. (If you are fully vaccinated you can travel in a vehicle with people you do not live with. You just have to keep vaccination evidence and your ID handy so you can produce them upon request.)

Travelling and holidays

Restrictions remain on longer distance travelling. If you want to leave Greater Sydney to go to regional or rural NSW, or want to enter Greater Sydney from regional or rural NSW, you must have a ‘reasonable excuse’. Unfortunately, holidays, exercise and outdoor recreation are not considered reasonable excuses.


Reasonable excuses are defined on the NSW Government website as:

  • for work if it is not reasonably practicable for the person to work at their place of residence 
  • picking up and dropping off children whose parents/caregivers share care of their children
  • feeding animals and attending to their welfare 
  • going to a medical or legal appointment 
  • giving care or assistance to a vulnerable person 
  • for compassionate reasons 
  • moving house or business premises or inspecting property; 
  • to obtain goods and services if they are not reasonably available in Greater Sydney; or 
  • in the event of an emergency to provide assistance or avoid the risk of illness, injury or harm.  

More information is available about Covid rules and restrictions for businesses, recreational sport, retail venues, weddings, funerals and more. Continue reading on the NSW Government website if you need more information or a more thorough breakdown of Covid-19 rules and restrictions for November 2021.


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