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A new way to catch drivers using their mobile phones

Most car crashes are not caused by people driving under the influence, or even the angry or erratic driver who makes it their mission to overtake every driver to get to their destination just that little bit faster than everyone else. Most car crashes or mistakes while driving are caused by everyday people like you and me that are driving well, heading to work or the shops. We all usually pay attention and follow the road rules, but there are those times where we let our guard down and think, it’s OK to just check that message, or make that call or quickly scroll through social media.

Drunk driving is still considered more dangerous than using your mobile phone to text while driving. Yet the possibility of a car accident while using your phone is six times higher than an accident caused by driving under the influence. Worst of all, the use of mobile phones that have caused minor incidents or near misses go unreported, which means the numbers could be even higher.

In NSW there is now a new way to expose drivers that break the rules and use their mobile phones whilst driving.

ommencing late last year in December 2019 the mobile phone detection camera program enforcing illegal mobile phone use by drivers came into effect.

The program includes both fixed and transportable cameras that operate at numerous locations across NSW. The cameras are high-definition and use artificial intelligence operating rain, hail or shine, night and day to spot drivers using their phones. The portable versions of these cameras will be mounted on trailers to operate throughout the state.

While warning letters will be issued relating to camera-detected offences for the first three months to let drivers know they’ve been caught. After that the penalty for offending drivers will be five demerit points and a hefty $344 fine or $457 in a school zone. The penalty will increase to 10 demerit points during double demerit periods.

The great news is that in a few years’ cars will drive themselves, but until that day, you’re the one in control of your vehicle. Make the right decision and wait to use your mobile phone.

At Express Lube we are just as passionate about our customer’s safety as we are about cars.

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