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New cars 2022: Top picks from Australia’s new car calendar

Auto enthusiasts, 2022 is shaping up to be a huge year in new models from Australia’s favourite manufacturers. Following on from a year of significant delays, shortages and disruptions in production and manufacturing, 2022 will see some of that strain ease. What we can look forward to is some more normalcy to the new vehicle market: more availability, more affordability and a lot more hybrid and electric vehicles.

Here are some of the top prospects on the new cars 2022 calendar for Australia.

So, which manufacturers are we most excited to hear from?

Leaving shortages and delays behind in 2022

When a global shortage of semiconductors slowed production during 2021, global demand for new cars collapsed. Lockdowns had put a stop to travel that usually fuels the vehicle market and chip semiconductor producers retooled to meet demand from the medical and personal technology sectors. 

This saw crippling shortages of new vehicles in Australia during 2021, with fewer deliveries reported in the middle of the year than during the 2008 global financial crisis.


While this pushed manufacturers to focus on higher-profit sport and luxury models until recently, a slow return to normalcy in semiconductor manufacturing means more affordable models will be released this year.


The BMW Group had to revise some specs in certain models due to last year’s shortages, but is expected to release the new BMW i4 in the first quarter of 2022.


It’s too early to speculate on timing, but there’s a new Corvette Z06 on the way. All we know so far is that Chevrolet expects to announce the timeline in late 2022 with a potential release date in 2023.


After having production cut during 2021 due to the semiconductor shortage, one of Australia’s more popular cars, the Ford Focus, is getting a facelift in 2022.

Expected to arrive on Australian shores in April 2022, the Ford Focus ST will be the only Focus variant released in Australia this year. 


A favourite among families and adventurous souls alike, the new Toyota Landcruiser 70 Series will also arrive in Australia this year. Featuring updates to meet new crash protection regulations, it’s expected to arrive in November 2022.


Featuring sleek, dual-eye LED headlights, suspension improvements and a revised lower bumper design, the new Mazda CX-5 will be unveiled in mid-2022.


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