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Mobile Phone Detection Cameras NSW

Mobile Phone Detection Cameras NSW

Having the ability to be on your phone while driving is a thing of the past. From studies done over the past years, recent statistics indicate that a driver that is distracted by the use of a phone while driving is 400% more at risk of being involved in a vehicle accident.

Being distracted is a contributing factor of 22% of vehicle accidents in NSW.

The Solution

With statistics like this becoming more of a common trend over time, the New South Wales Government created and rolled out their mobile phone detection camera program. This innovative program implements the use of stationary and portable mobile phone detection camera systems. These new cameras are packed with the latest technology and Artificial Intelligence. The overall objective of this program is to reduce the number of accidents, injuries and deaths caused each year due to the use of a mobile phone.

How they work

Not surprisingly, many road users are unaware of how these cameras operate. The camera itself is attached high up on highway signs or portable poles. These cameras are pointed down and towards oncoming vehicles and can police many lanes at one time. High resolution photos of all vehicles and drivers will be taken each time a vehicle is detected. With the use of onboard Artificial Intelligence, the camera has the capability to review each image that depicts a mobile phone offence. Images depicting drivers who are illegally using their mobile phone while driving will be saved, and all other images will be deleted. Artificial Intelligence can detect if a driver is making a call, texting, or using other applications on the mobile phone.


For quality control, the camera will then send all images where it has detected drivers using a phone to a human. The human operator has the job of double checking all images and confirming if an offence has been committed or not. If an offence is detected and confirmed, the driver of the vehicle detected will receive a fine in the mail and the loss of 5 demerit points.


You may think your safe to use your phone late at night, as the cameras will not be able to see in dark, or during rough weather conditions. You would be wrong. These phone detection cameras are so advanced that they can see and take high resolution images of drivers and vehicles in all weather conditions, day, or night.

Do they work?

Mobile phone detection cameras have been very successful since their implementation. In just the month of March, the cameras had issued 11,790 fines. Statistics have also shown that there has been a decline in drivers using their phones while driving, along with a decline in mobile phone related accidents. These fixed and portable mobile phone detection cameras are here to say. Next time you get the urge to use your phone while driving, think twice.

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