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Logbook Service Explained

Many people would not be able to survive without their vehicles. Owning a vehicle in today’s world can be an expensive luxury if you fail to regularly maintain it. Just like anything, if you look after it, it tends to last longer. With any vehicle, it is imperative to have regular services and maintenance. Regular service and maintenance will aid in ensuring it is running as it should be and improve the lifespan of the vehicle.

Logbook Service Explained

A Logbook Service is a service that is performed on your vehicle specifically in line with the vehicle manufacturer’s service conditions. Once this service is completed, it is then recorded in a logbook that the owner would have received on purchase of their vehicle.

A Logbook service will go over any parts of the vehicle that requires to be fixed or replaced, changing or topping up any fluids and checking on specific parts of the vehicle and engine for wear and tear. Upon conclusion of this Logbook service, your Logbook will then be stamped by an authorized mechanic to show that you have had a Logbook service in line with your vehicle’s warranty requirements.

What can you expect to have done during a logbook service?

A logbook service will include working on, inspecting and/or replacing parts of the vehicle.


This can include replacing:


 – Engine oil & oil filter

– Filters such as Air & Fuel

– Fluids such as Brake fluid and Coolant

– Driveline and diff oils

– Drive belts

– Timing belt


And inspecting/topping up:


– Battery

– Lights

– Brakes

– Tyres

– Suspension

– Wiper fluid

Is a Logbook service necessary?

Logbook services are a requirement for anyone who has bought a brand-new vehicle in the past few years. Not adhering to your Logbook service requirements could void your vehicle’s manufacturer warranty. Don’t worry, as you do not need to take your vehicle to your manufacturer’s service centre to have a logbook service completed. You can go to any registered mechanic service centre that is approved to do logbook service, such as Express Lube.

It is highly recommended to follow your logbook service requirements to keep your vehicle under warranty, and most importantly to keep your vehicle in good working condition.


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