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Is the Arrival Car the future Uber?

It’s boxy, it’s electric, and it’s designed for rideshare drivers. Introducing the car tipped as ‘the future of Uber’: the Arrival Car. The car’s creator and namesake, Arrival, is a breakout UK tech startup specialising in rideshare technology. While it’s yet to release a fully functional prototype and announce a production timeline, it’s clear Arrival has got the rideshare industry’s backing. Leading rideshare platform Uber has partnered with Arrival to design the cutting-edge EV specifically to meet the needs of drivers in an evolving rideshare industry.

Let’s look at what the Arrival Car means for the future of ridesharing in Australia.

Arrival Car features

According to the manufacturer, the Arrival Car is built on what Arrival calls an ‘electric skateboard platform’, which allows for improved “value, driver comfort, safety, and convenience”.

Boasting enhanced durability, driver comfort and safety, the Arrival Car comes with some exciting future-proof features like a zero-emission electric engine, loads of space and the option to install autonomous driving technology. 

One of them is durability and distance. While the average car travels around 10,000 kilometres per year, rideshare drivers typically clock up to 50,000 per year. As the owners of their own working vehicles, rideshare drivers in particular need assurance that their vehicle is reliable and built to go the distance. 

“Over the past six months, we have been working closely with Uber’s drivers to create a vehicle specifically for the ride hailing industry, and making it affordable, durable and great to look at,” said Arrival’s Tom Elvidge.

Teaser images of the Arrival Car prototype

Released in November 2021, teaser images give us an idea of what the Arrival Car will look like. 

Key features we can spot so far are chrome highlights, five seats and a traditional steering wheel in a sleek, dark-themed interior, along with a front passenger seat that can fold away to make way for storage.


What’s next?

It is estimated that if all rideshare drivers around the world switched to zero-emissions vehicles, global carbon emissions could be reduced by 850 million tonnes per year. The good news is that all signs are pointing towards a productive and flourishing green rideshare industry, with Uber investing heavily in autonomous and electric vehicle technology. 

Arrival has also teased other vehicles in production, including an Arrival Bus and Arrival Van.

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