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How to make a car off road ready: Best 4×4 off road accessories

With an uncertain year of changing restrictions ahead of us, many Aussies are trading overseas travel for outback adventures on Australian soil. For those who love the thrill of getting off the highway and onto the road less travelled, it’s the perfect opportunity to get out of town for a 4×4 off road driving experience. Here is our guide to how to make a car off road ready with our favourite 4×4 off road accessories to help you stay safe and keep your car performing at its best.

How to make a car off road driving ready

Off roading isn’t without its risks. You’re often in remote areas, tackling challenging sections of rugged 4×4 tracks that can push your car to its limits. That’s why it’s important to invest in high quality off road accessories, which serve as a kind of insurance for getting you – and your car – back home in one piece.

The main things to think about before hitting the tracks are tyres, repair kits, first aid supplies, and tools for if you get stuck.

Our top 4×4 off road accessories

Automatic tyre deflators: the best off road accessories for beach & mud driving

Tyres work better on soft or uneven ground when they’re aired down to a lower pressure. In fact, you can get 250% more traction on soft surfaces when you drop the psi by 25-30%. This will help you avoid getting bogged in sand or mud or popping a tyre on sharp rocks. We love Staun automatic tyre deflators for this. They come pre-set to 18 psi so all you need to do is screw them on, but you can adjust this to suit your needs.

Jump starter

We’ve all made the mistake of leaving a light or the music on a little too long overnight. Having a jump starter in your car is ideal for when other cars may not be around to help.

Recovery boards: the best 4×4 accessories for getting out of bogs

Recovery boards are one of the greatest things to happen in the off road accessories world, especially for those who drive alone. If you get bogged, simply wedge your recovery boards under the front of your tyres to use as ramps to slowly extract yourself with a gentle press on the accelerator. We love MaxTrax MKII recovery boards (left) for this: they’re made from super-durable, fibre-reinforced nylon and can take on even the biggest rigs.

Tyre repair kit

If you want to know how to make a car off road ready, a tyre repair kit is a great place to start. A kit with reamers to widen and even leakage holes, sealant like rubber cement and a plug to apply it, will ensure you can fix small tears.

First aid kit

This one needs no explaining: it’s not just one of the smartest 4×4 off road accessories – its one of the most important accessories for anyone in the bush! If you have gear to fix up your car, you should definitely have a first aid kit in your car to tend to yourself in the event of injury.

If you haven’t taken your car off roading for a while, check your brakes – listen for strange sounds and take them to your local auto service centre if anything sounds off. 


Remember to let people know where you’re going, take a GPS and most importantly… have fun!

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