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How to check your car engine oil

It only takes a minute to do – but checking your car engine oil regularly can save thousands of dollars whilst ensuring your vehicle is as efficient and safe as possible! You should be checking your engine oil every couple of weeks.

Car engine oil is like the blood and lifeline of your car’s engine that keeps It clean whilst reducing wear and tear.


Step 1

Make sure that you are on a flat service and the engine is cool (ie don’t check it at the petrol station)

Open the bonnet of your car using the release lever usually located on the inside driver’s side of the car.

Step 2
Get out of your car and locate the safety release latch on the front of your bonnet and use this to Lift the bonnet of your car. Keep the bonnet open using the lever or hook device located under the bonnet of your car. If you cant locate it check the manual.

Step 3

Look for the engine oil tube under your car bonnet. It usually has a colourful plastic ring on it and will have written on it engine oil. Twist it and pull out the dipstick. Use a paper towel or rag and wipe it clean.


Step 4

Look for the high and low marks on the dip stick so you know where they are and then reinsert the dipstick back into the tube – wait a few seconds and pull it out again.  If the engine oil level is between the high and low marks then your car’s engine oil is ok.  If the engine oil levels are below then you need to add oil immediately.

Checking your car engine oil regularly is a really simple task that should be done regularly to improve engine performance and reduce wear and tear.

Need help or advice with your car’s  engine oil? Pop in to one of our five locations and we will check your engine oil for you while you wait and can even show you how to do it!

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