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How to achieve a professional-quality car clean at home

How to achieve a professional-quality car clean at home

Whether we enjoy it or not, we all have to clean our cars occasionally. Their exterior cops it from rain, debris, the sun, bird poo and insects day in, day out, and the interior plays host to our everyday mess. So, cleaning your car is an important part of maintaining a healthy environment for you and your passengers, as well as preserving the resale value for when you want to sell it. But you don’t have to head down to Hoppy’s car wash to get a professional quality car clean: today, you can do it yourself. In this article, we’re going to tell you how to achieve a professional quality car clean at home!

Why is regular car cleaning important?

While it can be tempting to keep putting off car cleaning when life gets busy, there are a number of reasons to stick to a regular cleaning schedule. Left untouched, things like bird poo and sap from trees can damage your car’s paintwork and strip the polish. Debris from leaves can accumulate and decompose in nooks and crannies and seep into the engine. And as for your mess around the driver’s seat, there are germs and bacteria to contend with, and your own sanity to consider while driving everyday in a confined space. Regular car cleaning protects your car from damage, preserves the resale value, keeps the environment healthy, and helps you keep a clear mind while getting from A to B.

How to clean a car at home – like a professional

Car cleaning kit essentials


When it comes to cars, the ‘any soap will do’ principle doesn’t apply – you need products designed specifically for washing cars. These products clean and shine your car without damaging the paint or leaving streaks.

Tyre shine

Tyre shine doesn’t just take your cleaning job to the next level – it also protects tyres from everyday wear and tear.

Car wax

Car wax is the perfect way to finish your clean, leaving your car sparkling like it’s its first day on the road.

Glass cleaner or window cleaning wipes

We recommend an anti-glare window cleaner for your windscreen and windows, which is specifically designed to give car glass a thorough clean without leaving streaks behind or causing glare.

Washing mit

While many people use towels, a soft washing mitt is a must-have for every car cleaning kit. A soft mitt will hold more soap and reduces the risk of damaging the car’s exterior and paint.


You’ll need a bucket for your soapy water mix for dipping your washing mitt in, but we recommend having a second bucket with plain water so you can rinse off your mitt as you go.

Hose nozzle

Garden hoses rarely allow for strong enough water pressure to wash a car properly or efficiently. Make your job easier with a power wand or jet spray hose nozzle.

Microfibre towels

Add a microfibre towel to your car cleaning kit to dry any droplets off the exterior after you rinse it for a spot-free clean.

Car dash duster

Dash dusters fit into every nook and cranny better than your Chux cloth, so for those who like the interior to look as beautiful as the exterior, a dash duster is a must-have.

Mini vacuum cleaner

If you want to make cleaning your car easier, quicker and less annoying, enhance your car cleaning kit with a hand-held mini vacuum cleaner. It’s much easier and more effective than bringing the clunky household vacuum cleaner downstairs and cramming it into the corners!

Cleaning your car properly doesn’t have to mean an expensive trip to the car wash. Create your own professional car cleaning kit with everything you need to achieve a sparkling-clean car – inside and out – all year long! Time for a service? We’re ready when you are. Drop into your local Express Lube for great service on your schedule.

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