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Heading for Road Trip? Ensure Your Car is Ready

Heading for Road Trip? Ensure Your Car is Ready

When you are road tripping, the essential part about travel becomes having a perfect vehicle to ride on. Relying on a vehicle for a long smooth ride can have you choosing your best. No one would want to risk being stranded in the middle of nowhere due to any car breakdown mishaps during the journey. Hence we have prepared a checklist for you to check before heading on to your oh-so-adventurous road trip. And don’t forget, for all the car mechanical repair needs, Express lube has got you covered.

Check the tyres

Keep two things in mind while checking the tyres, their pressure and their tread. Also, to check the tyre’s air pressure, you must ensure that they are not overinflated or underinflated, leading to several issues in the journey like premature wear, overheating, bumpy ride and in some worst cases, even a blowout.

When treads are not deep enough, your tyres may get worn easily, and the chances of gaining traction on the road are very few. Avoid all chances of getting a flat tire when on a road trip. A tire check even entails checking for misalignment issues; it can take a toll on both the tires and fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Call a skilled technician from a good auto service centre to check the alignment before heading on the journey.

Check the exhaust system.

Neglecting the exhaust system could cause you negatively big time. A malfunctioning exhaust system can lead to inconveniences in the journey due to fouled fuel conditions, decreased power and improper venting of toxic gases produced by the engines. Consider servicing your car’s exhaust system if your vehicle is more than five years old. The hissing and popping sounds could indicate the faulty exhaust system; take it as a sign and get your car serviced before heading on the trip because long halts in the middle of nowhere are mostly frowned upon.

Check HVAC

Your car’s heating, ventilating, and Air Conditioning system is responsible for the proper cooling system and providing essential interior comfort. The important part is to clean, cool, heat, ventilate and dehumidify the air coming in from the cabin. Check it before you head out on the journey.

Check the brakes

Brakes, without a doubt, are crucial to safety. Hence, it is important before hopping the car for a long drive; you double-check your vehicle’s braking system. The brake system can overheat, putting you at risk, mainly if it has not been serviced in a while. Make sure your car’s brakes are in their best condition; you never know what you may encounter during the trip, it’s always best to be prepared.

However, keep early warning signs of a faulty brake in mind for safety measures, including grinding, squeaking, shaky steering wheel, and the sponginess of the brake pedals also indicate faulty brake. Call your fellow mechanic for regular car mechanical repairs before you plan on taking it for a long ride and get it all checked before leaving.

Change the Air Filters

The roads are filled with debris, dust and bugs, and the air filters usually prevent the dust from entering inside the car engine. The air filters additionally maintain the inner air quality. Just like every other filter, even car air filters get clogged after a point where they potentially end up worsening the performance of your car’s engine, fuel condition and its air quality.

Check the Battery

Even car batteries come with an expiry date; check the date when your trip is just around the corner. Opt for a replacement if your batteries are more than 3 years old. If you find your battery not too old, make sure it is functioning properly. Refrain from overcharging or undercharging your battery as it will cause your car battery some severe damage. If the starter in the car seems stagnant, it can be because of corrosion, or the battery could be on the verge of dying. If you spot corrosion, clean the white chalky stuff and drive.

Adjust steering and suspension

Adjust your loose steerings, worn-out bushing mounts. Repair damaged shocks and vehicle bouncing or swaying; all this can bring a heave in your adventure plan and turn your journey into a bumpy ride.

Carry a spare tyre

It is always wise to carry an inflated spare tyre with you, especially when you are travelling. Along with a spare tyre, carry essential toolkits to avoid flat tyre mishaps on the roads. Be equipped with the required tools that will go into replacing the tyre.

Carry an emergency tool kit

The emergency tool kit will be your go-to toolkit for all the emergencies you might find yourself stuck with. Components like jumper cables, flashlights, warm blankets, flares, first-aid box and water. Ensure to restock these items if they are not available to you.


Although there are a number of things, you should keep handy when planning a road trip. Being prepared ensures you have got it all together for your car, and you are ready with a foolproof plan for a road trip. Keep the record of auto service centres that you will find on your way to your destination.

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