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Getting your vehicle ready for winter.  

With winter already here, now is the time to start working on your vehicle to ensure your vehicle is ready for the challenges ahead. Being proactive now will help keep you, your family, and other road users safe while on the road. Here are a few simple actions you can take to get ready for winter.  

Can you see the hazard?

Propper functioning headlights and fog lights are essential to your personal safety and the safety of other road users. During winter, you can expect to experience more frequent foggy mornings and nights. Driving in fog can be dangerous, even for the most seasoned drivers. Your vehicle’s headlights and fog lights are vital instruments when it comes to your ability to see what’s ahead, along with allowing other drivers to see you. It is recommended to visually and physically inspect both your headlights and fog lights on a regular basis to ensure they are functioning correctly. If your vehicle headlights or fog lights are not functioning correctly, call your nearest Express Lube outlet, where our team will book your vehicle in and get you back on the road.


If your vehicle battery up to the job?

Starting your vehicle early in the morning with a cold engine can be a challenging task at the best of times. Your vehicle battery already has a relatively large job of powering your lights, radio, air conditioner, and windows, along with starting your engine. With all these tasks, an old battery could find it difficult to turn over your engine. On average, a vehicle battery will last from three to five years. If needed, replace your battery with a new one to ensure you have the power needed to run your vehicle. If you’re uncertain about the health of your vehicle’s battery, simply visit one of our many Express Lube outlets located at West Gosford, Tuggerah, Erina, Woy Woy, Cessnock, and Long Jetty, where our team of experienced mechanics will help you out with all your needs.

Don’t crack under pressure

Cold winter mornings come with frost on your vehicle windscreen. The last thing anyone wants to do is to be standing in the cold, trying to remove frost from the windscreen. Many people’s first thought would be to run to the kettle and pour boiling water over their windscreen. Whilst this may be the quickest and most affective way to remove the frost, it is also the most dangerous for you and your windscreen. Pouring boiling water over your cold windscreen could result in your screen cracking. The safest option for you, your windscreen, and your wallet is to use regular tap water. Regular tap water will achieve the same goal as boiling water but with none of the risks to you, your windscreen, or your wallet.

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Keep Track of your Traction

As previously mentioned in our blogs, your vehicle tyres play a crucial role. Performing a regular visual and physical inspection of your vehicle tyres will help keep you, your family, and other road users safe. Check for the correct tyre presser and tyre tread. The recommended tyre pressure can be found on the outer wall of your tyre. Tyre tread works to create channels that allow water to pass through whilst your tyre maintains stable contact with the road. During winter, you can expect to have more frequent colder and rainy days than in summer, which is why it is essential to have good tyres on your vehicle.

Following these simple steps will help get your car ready for this winter and all the challenges it could face. For peace of mind, head over to your local Express Lube outlet, where our team of friendly and dedicated mechanics will be able to assist you.

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