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From Gas Guzzler to Green Warrior: GM Defense’s Electric Hummer Concept

When you hear the word “hummer’ like most people, you’re probably be thinking of large vehicle that uses lots of fuel. You could be thinking that a “hummer” is not economical, not good for the environment, and costs a too much money to run. Well think again, General Motors Defense has released a new hummer that is entirely electric.

What is the new concept?

The new Electric Military Concept vehicle was released by General Motors Defense at the Marine Military Expo in Washington D.C., this vehicle is expected to be in the military defense lineup in the next few years. With this all-new electrical hummer, it will be significantly quieter and can be used in more stealth operations.

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How is it kitted out?

General Motors Defense electric hummer concept vehicle is kitted out with Fox Performance shock absorbers, 37-inch tires and an all-new heavy-braking system. It is powered by a 24-module, double-stacked 200kWh lithium-ion battery pack. The wording alone makes you think this is a powerful vehicle, and you wouldn’t be wrong.

The Hummer will be capable of producing a whopping 745kW of power which is equivalent to 1,000 horsepower. Along with the huge amount of power, this vehicle can produce 15500 Nm of torque. For an electric vehicle, GM’s electric hummer is potent with power and boasts a plethora of impressive features.

What’s under the hood?

General Motors Defense has put a considerable amount of time, money, development, and hours into developing this all-new concept electric hummer for military use. General Motors Defense assures us that one charge will provide up to 500 km of range. To overcome long wait times between charges, the hummer can be charged via an 800V DC fast charger up to 350kW, this will provide the vehicle with a quick 160 km of range in only 12 minutes of charging.

Overall Concept.

General Motors Defense hopes for this new concept vehicle to be used by the military for reconnaissance and security missions. The electric hummer has the capabilities to be used in stealth conditions due to there being no noisy petrol or diesel engine, making it a perfect candidate for missions that require stealth and low noise levels. Who knows just how else the military might utilise fully electric vehicles in the future.

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