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Four key reasons to change your engine oil

Four key reasons to change your engine oil

The engine is the workhorse of a vehicle. For this reason, it is important to have a regular service and oil changes performed. Failing to regularly change your engine oil could land you in a world of trouble and end up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs. Here are some reasons why you want to have your engine oil changed on a regular basis.

Temperature Control:

There are many moving parts inside your engine when in operation. Moving parts cause friction and this friction turns into heat. Excessive heat is an enemy to your engine performance and overall life. Clean engine oil is the solution to this problem. With the correct oil, your engine will be able to perform at its peak and keep within its safe operating temperature.

Protection of other engine parts:

The engine consists of many different parts that all work together to ensure the smooth operation of your vehicle. Having clean engine oil will aid in their operation and will ensure they are able to operate smoothly.

Cleaner Engine:

Over time the engine oil begins to break down. With so many moving parts being liberated by oil, there is bound to be dirt and tiny particles that accumulate over time within your engine. Dirt is the engine’s enemy. Failing to regularly change your engine oil can lead to dirt and other contaminants building up and blocking vital passages for oil to pass through. As a result, parts of your engine will not be getting the lubrication it needs and can cause damage or even cause your engine to seizure. Regular oil changes will help to keep your engine clean and running smoothly.

Engine Life:

Regular oil changes can add years to your engine life. Just like anything, if you look after it then it will last longer. It is recommended to change your engine oil every six months or every 5,000km. When changing your engine oil, you should also change your oil filter. This filter is in place to help catch any dirt or particles in your oil. The oil filter can catch a considerable amount of dirt over time so it is just as important to change your oil filter each time you have your engine oil changed.

Following a regular service of your vehicle and engine oil will help keep your engine running smoothly, add years to its life and help save you money on avoidable repairs.

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