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Fleet maintenance tips to keep your company cars safe & on the road longer

Fleet maintenance tips to keep your company cars safe & on the road longer

The world we live in keeps us increasingly connected: we communicate digitally, we travel in private cars, and we order products to be delivered from overseas online. In this hyperconnected world, our reliance on product delivery and mobile services for everything from pantry staples to vehicle repair has skyrocketed. While this has created new opportunities for businesses to generate more revenue, it’s also saddled them with the important work of monitoring and maintaining a fleet of company cars. In this way, fleet maintenance is one of the most critical tasks for modern businesses today. 

So what does effective fleet maintenance look like, and what benefits will you get for all your hard work? 

What is fleet maintenance?

Let’s start at the beginning. Fleet maintenance is the series of tasks involved with keeping your company vehicles safe and reliable. This typically involves some form of monitoring to provide oversight on kilometres travelled and vehicle servicing schedule, as well as routine inspections, servicing and repair.

How does fleet maintenance benefit your business?

The two main benefits are extending equipment lifespan and minimising maintenance and repair costs.

Extend vehicle lifespan

Keeping your fleet in good condition is protecting your investment. Sticking to a regular servicing schedule ensures your vehicles will have greater longevity, meaning you get better returns on your investment.

Costs minimisation

Regular servicing is the best way to keep the costs of maintenance and repair down. If you wait until something goes wrong, you’re likely to pay a hefty price to get the vehicle back to working order. Extensive repairs mean more time off the road, which means wasted wages and delayed deliveries to your customers. 

On the other hand, if you’re able to notice issues before they progress and act swiftly, repairs are far cheaper and require less downtime. 

Fleet maintenance tips

Create a preventative maintenance schedule

Taking action on a repair is one thing – preventing the problem from occurring in the first place is another! When creating your fleet maintenance schedule, focus on preventative care to avoid costly repairs.

Fleet monitoring software can help you do that. 

Fleet maintenance software for full visibility

If your business offers mobile services or product delivery, your vehicles are going to be on the road more often than most. Fleet maintenance software will ensure you have complete visibility over the maintenance status of every vehicle. You can keep an eye on things like tyre pressure, kilometres travelled, fuel efficiency, and – most importantly – upcoming service dates. This won’t just help you prevent costly repairs: it also helps you keep each vehicle on the road for longer.

Looking for fleet maintenance services in the Central Coast?

Our team of experienced mechanics can help you keep your company cars safe, reliable and performing at their best. Drop in to one of our six convenient service centre locations to book in.

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