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How to… Check your vehicles engine oil level

With modern cars, these days you are able to see when your engine is running low on oil by the indicator on your dashboard, but it’s always good to double check to make sure your car reading is accurate. You can also refer to your car manual on what is the specific type of oil that is recommended, and if you’re not sure where the engines oil dipstick is, your manual can help you locate it.

How do I check my vehicles engine oil level?

Before you get started make sure your car is parked on a level surface and that the engine is switched off, we recommend that you do this check before turning the car on for the day, or wait about 10-15minutes after you have stopped your car, so the oil and engine is cold.

Once you have your bonnet open, locate the dipstick, in most cars they will have a bright coloured knob that is usually circle or rectangle in shape. On some cars, there might even be a symbol of an oil can. Remove the dipstick and wipe it clean with a paper towel or rag, then re-dip the stick into the engine, to check the level. Your vehicles owner manual will have the specifications of the minimum and maximum oil level, but there are indicators located on the engine oil dipstick. Taking it back out will show you the indication of the correct oil level on the bottom of the stick.


Always make sure it’s above the minimum level and below the maximum. If needed add oil to your engine in small amounts so you can check that you aren’t filling over the maximum level. Make sure you replace the dipstick and oil cap before closing the hood.


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