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Is DIY getting too hard when it comes to cars?

With time such a valued commodity these days, when we’re not working most of us are busy with other commitments. Some of us even opting to ‘farm’ out most jobs to the professionals we hire someone to mow our lawn, wash our dogs, and who hasn’t shopped online to get groceries delivered?

In this modern world, are you finding more and more that you’d rather pay a professional to not only save you time and effort but for the simple convenience? This has been true for years with mechanical work with it not only a complicated affair but something that sometimes is best left to the professionals. There are now even mechanics that can drive to your home or work. Alternatively, brick and mortar stores that offer a car for the day or will drive you to work so you can leave your car for repairs.

When it comes to car repair, there are still some people that like to have a go and get their hands dirty under the hood. With technology always improving and cars moving quickly with new tech, it’s getting harder to tinker with modern engines. If you enjoy working on your vehicle, just because it’s a current model doesn’t mean that you can’t keep up with the advanced technology. It’s now a little easier to work on simple projects involving your car with the internet a wealth of information. With blogs, chat rooms, videos and how-to instructions found in abundance on the web it’s now easier than ever to try the DIY of car maintenance. With the right tools and online access, it could mean you can still fix those small things that occur with your car.

Here at our Express Lube service centres, you’ll see that our staff give your car the care that it deserves. From oil changes and new tyres through to a complete vehicle service, we are proud to offer honest advice that you can trust, with explanations that you can understand. We now have 6 locations across the Central Coast.

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