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Company Car Maintenance to Ensure your Fleet stays on the Road

We live in a mobile world, with food, packages and services available no matter where you are. Whether you offer airport transfers, pizza delivery or need any type of tradies to you, they all involve your staff getting to your client in your work cars.

For your business, the company cars your staff are driving are a big investment and keeping them maintained is essential to running an efficient business. If you’re a business owner and have a fleet of vehicles are you making sure they’re properly serviced?

You may be surprised how many businesses offer company cars to their staff and the extra wear and tear your work cars undergo. Failing to keep them properly maintained could compromise the safety of your staff and the cost of repairs can affect your bottom line. By ensuring your company cars are serviced on a regular basis helps extend their lifespan, and as a business owner we all want to get the most out of our investments.

Your cars are on the road more than other vehicles, so make sure someone monitors the kilometres, so you know when your vehicles are due for their check-up. By getting a routine service it will help pinpoint any issues as soon as they arise and over time could just save your business money. It’s more cost efficient to have regular car maintenance rather than waiting till something goes wrong and you having to pay for a major repair.

If you have a fleet of cars or just a few company vehicles keeping them well-tuned and regularly maintained ensures your fleet stays on the road. At Express Lube, you can get your vehicles serviced by our highly trained professionals, we now have a booking service available, so you won’t sufferer from any unplanned downtime for your business. Contact us at any of our 6 locations to book a time that’s best for you.