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Quarantine car maintenance tips

Car maintenance tips to keep your ride in great condition while staying at home

Vehicles are not made to sit still, and idleness can lead to car maintenance issues that may develop into serious problems.  Here are some car maintenance tips for keeping your car in great condition while it stays at home with you.

While we’re all staying at home to flatten the curve, it’s likely we’re spending less time in our cars. Whether it’s because we’re not driving to work every day or we’ve cancelled some interstate travel plans, our cars are probably sitting idle in the garage a lot more than they usually do.

Here’s what you need to do to keep your car looking and working its best.

For your battery

Most cars have in-built computers for a range of intelligent functions, and these are always in operation. If a car sits too long without recharging, the battery could die in as little as two weeks. Start your car – outside the garage or with the door open for ventilation – once a week and run the engine for at least five minutes to keep the battery charged.

For your tyres

Tyre pressure plays an important role in vehicle performance and fuel mileage. Ensure you regularly check tyre pressure when your car is parked for longer periods of time to avoid developing flat spots, and try to take the car out for a few minutes drive to maintain tyre quality.

For your brakes

Idle cars can suffer rust buildup in the brakes. To keep your brakes safe and functional when your car is staying idle, take your it for a quick drive every week.

For the oil

Oil can deteriorate if left in an idle engine for too long. To maintain oil quality, continue to change the oil at the regular intervals even if you’re not driving as much as usual. Check your owner manual for the maximum amount of time you should wait between oil changes.

For the outside & interior

Like everything else, your car will look better if you clean it regularly. To avoid rust buildup on the exterior, remove grime and sediment with water and vehicle cleaning liquid. Wipe down everything inside to remove dust and disinfect parts you frequently touch, such as the dashboard, centre console, steering wheel and door handles.

For more car maintenance tips for keeping your vehicle in great condition while you both stay at home, or to book a service for when you get back out on the road, call us or book online.

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