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The best products for your car cleaning kit

Whether you’re a car enthusiast or your wheels are just a way to get from A to B, your car is up against the elements outside and your (and your passengers’) day-to-day mess inside. This is why a car cleaning kit should be in every vehicle owner’s garage. 

The windscreen and exterior are constantly battered by leaves, insects, bird poo, sun and dirt which can stick and damage paintwork, and any confined space you spend a lot of time in will accumulate germs, dust and  bacteria over time. Having a car cleaning kit on-hand doesn’t just help you enjoy a clean car: it keeps the environment healthy for you and any passengers and is an important aspect of maintaining resale value.

Taking your car for a professional car wash can add up over time, so cleaning it at home is the best option for most of us. Here’s a list of everything you need in your home car cleaning kit, as recommended by the Express Lube team.

Car cleaning kit essentials


Car shampoo

When it comes to cleaning, most soaps work. But when it comes to cars, ‘soap is soap’ doesn’t apply – you need products designed specifically for washing cars. These products clean and shine your car without damaging the paint or leaving streaks. View SuperCheap Auto’s range of car wash products here.

Tyre shine

Tyre shine doesn’t just take your cleaning job to the next level – it also protects tyres from everyday wear and tear. ArmorAll Extreme Tyre Shine is one of our favourites.

Car wax

Car wax is the perfect way to finish your clean, leaving your car sparkling like it’s its first day on the road. You can buy car wax separately or choose a dual wash and wax product like ArmorAll Wash & Wax.

Glass cleaner or window cleaning wipes

We recommend an anti-glare window cleaner for your windscreen and windows, which is specifically designed to give car glass a thorough clean without leaving streaks behind or causing glare. 


Washing mit

While many people use towels, a soft washing mitt is a must-have for every car cleaning kit. A soft mitt will hold more soap and reduces the risk of damaging the car’s exterior and paint.

A bucket (or two)

You’ll need a bucket for your soapy water mix for dipping your washing mitt in, but we recommend having a second bucket with plain water so you can rinse off your mitt as you go. 

Hose nozzle

Garden hoses rarely allow for strong enough water pressure to wash a car properly or efficiently. Make your job easier with a power wand or jet spray hose nozzle.

Microfibre towels

Want a spot-free clean? Add a microfibre towel to your car cleaning kit to dry any droplets off the exterior after you rinse it.


Hand-held mini vacuum cleaner

We’ve all endured the irritation of trying to fit the home vacuum cleaner’s head under the seats and into the footwells. If you want to make cleaning your car easier, quicker and less annoying, enhance your car cleaning kit with a hand-held mini vacuum cleaner.


Cleaning your car doesn’t have to be an unpleasant chore or an expensive trip to the car wash. Create your own car cleaning kit with everything you need to enjoy a sparkling-clean car – inside and out – all year long!

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