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Buying a car; New VS Used

When it’s time to buy a car, there are a few things you need to consider before taking the leap. Whether it’s brand new or a second-hand car, one of the most important decision you’ll make is what can you afford. Once you’ve set yourself a budget you will need to look at what type of car you want to buy. We’ve compiled a few pros and cons of the next choice you need to make; New vs Used.

What are the pro’s for buying a new car?

A new car will come with the knowledge that it’s under warranty. Buying a new vehicle will come with more choices, so you will get to choose what colour, model and any additional accessories or upgrades you’d like to add.  There will be no previous history, so no unknown damage that can cause you issues in the near future.

What are the con’s for buying a new car?

A new car depreciates from the minute you drive off the new car lot. Most of them will lose value within the first few years before they reach the end of your warranty.

What are the pro’s for buying a second-hand car?

As long as it has a good history and has been checked out by your mechanic – like us here at Express Lube! The number one reason for buying a pre-loved, pre-owned or second-hand car will be the cost.

What are the con’s for buying a second-hand car?

The unknown. You will need to do a lot more research to find the car you want to buy. Once you find it, check the car inside, out and also check its financials to make sure there is no money owing on the vehicle.

Once you have your finances in order and have made the decision to buy a second-hand or new car, other than insurance and registration you will need to maintain regular servicing of your vehicle. At Express Lube we offer no booking which means you can drop in at a time that suits you. By maintaining your vehicle, you can reduce any future repair costs and help to both extend its life and maintain its value.