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The best start for your car

One of the quickest ways to add strain on your engine and possibly cost you extra in the long run is to rev your engine on start up. This is the time you need to warm your car’s motor to ensure smooth operation and fuel economy.

From the moment the key is turned the fuel-injection computer in your car calibrates exactly how much petrol will be needed. This number is increased when the weather and your vehicle is cold. Once the engine has started to warm up, the injectors let in a lower amount of fuel.

The engine of a fuel injected car distributes the fuel through the cylinders during the car’s start-up phase. If you press or pump on the accelerator while you start the car this can sometimes cause the engine to flood with excess fuel. They wet the spark plugs and won’t ignite the fuel through the cylinders, hence the term flooding the engine.

Once you do start your car, don’t rev your engine, start off slow no matter how late you are. During the first 15 minutes of drive time is where we see the most wear to an engine. By giving your car just a few minutes to start up each day and taking it easy when you first take off on your journey, it could save you on maintenance costs down the track.

To keep your vehicle performing at its best we recommend regular maintenance checks. With years of experience fixing cars we promise to offer honest advice and won’t push unneeded repairs on your car. With everything from basic maintenance like an oil change or a new tyre, through to scheduled services stop by and visit the friendly team here at Express Lube. We have five different locations across the Central Coast and Newcastle and we’d love to meet you and your car.

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