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Best cars for new drivers: 3 affordable & reliable cars for P-platers

The start of a new year means hundreds of thousands of young Australians have finished school and are preparing for the next stage of life. Whether they’re starting their first full time job, a trade apprenticeship or a university degree, many of them are going to need another ‘first’ to do it properly: their first car. This is the reason why many new drivers – or their parents – are wondering, “What are the best cars for new drivers?” at this time of year.

We’ve seen a few cars come through our Express Lube workshops, and we’re here to help. 

What to look for in a cars for new drivers

Let’s first define what we are looking for in a used car for a P-plater. So: what makes for a safe first car? 

In a nutshell, new drivers are the riskiest drivers on the road, so the safest cars for them are those that have the highest ANCAP safety rating: a 5-star rating system indicating the level of safety the car provides in the event of a crash. New cars almost always have higher ANCAP ratings, so the aim is to buy the newest possible car within your budget.

Here are three recommendations for used cars for new drivers.

Best cars for new drivers

1. 2015-2018 Mazda 2

The Mazda 2 offers a range of benefits, including an economical 1.5L petrol engine, impressive market value and low fuel consumption figures of around 5.5L/100km. It’s one of the best value cars you can get for a new driver, and looks stylish too.

2. 2011-2016 Hyundai i30

If the Hyundai i30’s impressive 5-star ANCAP rating isn’t enough to convince you, maybe its economical 1.6L engine and low fuel consumption of just 5.6L/100km will. Its quality fit stylish finish and thousands of glowing reviews from safety-conscious drivers are just the icing on the cake.

3. 2011-2016 Volkswagen Polo

Germany is known for top quality engineering, and the Volkswagen Polo is no exception. This car is perfect for the discerning P-plater, with a full sports fit-out including sports seats, suspension, pedals and steering wheel. Add bluetooth connectivity, rain sensing windscreen wipers and 17 inch alloys, any new driver will be safe and happy with a Polo for years to come.

Already got an ‘old reliable’ to pass on to your new P-plater? Bring it into your local Express Lube to make sure it’s safe and up to scratch. No bookings required – we’re ready when you are!

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