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Aussie Strongman sets new Guinness World Record pulling cars to raise money for sick kids

Two weeks ago, Aussie Strongman, Troy Conley, put money where his mouth was to set a new Guinness World Record to raise money for sick kids. With a goal of raising $60,000 for children’s charities like Little Wings and Ronald McDonald house, Conley has been training rigorously to prepare to take out two records: ‘most cars pulled by an individual’, and – try not to shudder – ‘most cars pulled with teeth’. And, at Entertainment Park in Bankstown, Sydney on Guinness World Record day, his hard work paid off. 

We’re going to break down the world record attempt as it happened, and look at how Troy came to dedicate his big heart – and burly physique – to helping kids. Brace for broken teeth!

This year’s monumental achievement comes after Conley made a failed attempt at the same feat in November last year. On GWR Day 2020, Conley attempted to pull 16 cars for five metres by a rope around his torso, but was derailed by an unfortunate error. One of the occupants of the cars being pulled accidentally had their foot on the brake. The $30,000 he raised still went to his chosen charities, but for Conley, the Car Pull for Kids project was far from over. 

You see, Troy Conley knows more than most about the challenges facing sick kids and their families. At age four, he almost died from a ruptured kidney, throwing his family into a tailspin with medical expenses and hospital visits. It was that experience – of the kindness and medical help he received as a sick child – that later inspired him to work at doing the same for other kids and families. 

oday, Conley is one of the top Strongmen in Australia, and he’s no stranger to pulling heavy loads with nothing but brute strength. He’s previously pulled two prime trucks weighing upwards of 21 tonnes. This year, Conley decided to do things a little bit differently with the hopes of garnering enough interest to reach his ambitious fundraising goal. He decided to pull cars with his body – but to also attempt a new record at pulling them with his teeth.

The moment Troy Conley pulled 16 cars all five metres to set a new record was captured by Channel 9 News on 17 November. 

Conley’s training regimen may have turned a few heads at the gym. Speaking to CarSales, he explained he prepared his teeth for the task by wrapping giant dumbbells in towels and lifting those with his mouth. Conley also focused on strengthening his hamstrings, lower back and shoulders, which provide most of the power for the pull.

In a comment on Facebook, Conley expressed his gratitude to supporters and sponsors, including Pan Macmillan Australia and Hyundai Help for Kids.

“Events like these really typify the “Spirit of Guinness” and help set a great example that absolutely anything is possible as long as you believe it to be so and are willing to put the work in to get it done.”

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