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How to…Adjust Windscreen Washer Jets

Your washer nozzles are factory installed to spray windshield washer fluid over your windscreen, so you can clear any particle or dirt build up on your windshield for better vision while you drive. After time, you can get a build-up of dirt or car cleaning products which may clog the jets, or the spray may be missing the window, in this case you need to clear and then readjust your nozzles.


The first thing you will need to do is to check the spray pattern of your jets, so while your car is parked in your driveway or street, turn your washer jets on. You will be able to see where the water ejects to first locate the washer jets, on most vehicles they are on top of the hood, in a few vehicles they are just underneath your hood. Watch where on the windscreen the water hits, so you will know which jets need to be adjusted and in what direction. Turn off the windscreen washer, and once the wiper blades have stopped moving you can get started.


If your washer nozzles are shooting water too high or over the roof of your car, you will need to aim the nozzle down. If the water is hitting to low on your windscreen you should move them up.

Using a pin or sewing needle, you can gently insert it, into the washer jet. If needed, clean out any excess build up by simply moving the pin in a circular motion and wiping off any gunk. To re-adjust your nozzle, insert the adjusting pin into the eye of the washer jets and gently re-aim the jet towards the centre of the windscreen. They should move easily so don’t try and force them too hard as this may cause damage to the washer jet nozzle.

Once you feel they are positioned correctly, check again, by turning on your windscreen washer jets. You may need a minor adjustment until they are spraying the in correct spot on your screen.

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